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Updated: Oct 6, 2019

Though the calendar claims its officially fall, Texas has other things in mind. Temperatures are still in the high nineties, and as I walk around I can’t help but notice Texans donning cozy fall attire, almost as if to summon cooler days. (Myself included) Fall is the most glorious time of year here, in my opinion. Once the leaves turn brown and begin to fall, it’s like my serotonin levels get a sudden boost. Autumn is also my favorite season in terms of fashion. There are so many more layers to work with. Also, the trends seem to be a little more bold and beautiful. Below I will cover several trends to look out for and how to incorporate them in your everyday wardrobe.

Animal Print

I was totally not expecting this to be a trend this year. I‘ve never been a fan of the way spots look on women, but this year I have had a change of heart. It’s all about keeping it simple. If you are apprehensive about this trend, try something small. For instance, a snake print bag or shoe. Just something to make your outfit pop. This is a great trend to combine with color blocking. You don’t want to mix too many prints together (there is a way to mix prints, but that’s a story for another day) Your best bet is to keep your clothing simple, so that you can showcase the bold accessory. If you are a little more daring, you could try a cheetah print duster or midi skirt. It‘s the same rule of thumb, keep everything else simple and solid.

Flair Jeans

I am probably most excited about this trend. The 70’s aesthetic is my absolutely favorite. I just love the decade and my husband and I are even shopping old 70’s style homes right now. We would love to buy a fixer upper and turn it into a modern 70’s dream. As far as this pant trend goes, it can be under or overstated. I’ve seen some really wide leg bell bottoms, and I’ve also seen some that are barely there. I prefer somewhere in the middle. The oversize bell bottoms come off a little cosplay to me. You can wear this trend a couple different ways. You can go boho, with a ruffle or peasant style top. Or you can even go retro with a graphic tee and plaid flairs. Super cute for this fall!


Hats for days! These are everywhere this season. This is yet another super stylish and bold trend. I feel like hats draw attention and give you sort of a mysterious vibe, which I love! A few of the major hat styles I’m seeing are the bakers style hat, witches brim, and rancher hats. Think 60’s retro, AHS coven, and old western. That’s the hat styles that are hot right now. I’ve seen these styled in several different ways. My favorite is the witches brim style. Get a little witchy this fall and add a pointed toe boot and cape like jacket or shawl. Throw on some black shades and you've got a chic on trend look for fall.

Midi Skirts

This trend is a little more challenging to pull off. I posted a skirt cheatsheet on my insta a while back. Basically you have to make sure you pair it with the right shoes. It’s one slippery slope to making yourself look a little June Cleaver-esque. If you want to go for a cool hip vibe, I suggest choosing a bold printed midi, add a chunky heeled boot, and a statement bag.

As I have said before, my mission is to empower women to look and feel their best in their everyday lives. This being my first official fashion blog post, I hope you found some insight and confidence to try something new.

Happy shopping and styling!

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