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Updated: Oct 6, 2019

Hi! I am Erica Dietert, the founder of Magnolia Thread - online boutique. It's hard to decide where exactly to begin on how I got here, but let's just start with my current situation. I am in the thick of what, most parents call the trenches. The busy time in your life, where you are in a power struggle with raising a family and excelling at your career; all while maintaining your sanity. Yeah, that's me. And here I am adding to my plate by starting a new business venture. Call me crazy, but I'll explain later. So, with all that said I currently wear many different styles of hats, and they are not always the fashionable kind. I am a wife, and mother to my, sweet, nearly 3 year old boy. I am a daughter, granddaughter, niece, aunt etc... The list goes on! I am from a small town in central Texas. San Marcos holds a very special place in my heart. As hard as I've tried, I could never bring myself to leave this place. It's where I grew up, where my papaw first taught me to drive, felt my first heart break, and found the love of my life. Skip back to the fall of 2006, when I attended our local university. I studied fashion merchandising, and later went on to pursue a career in store management. After college I married my high school sweetheart, and we decided to started a family together in 2016. Marcus was born the following year. My life basically turned upside down after that, but in the best of ways. It made me see things much clearer, and in a different way. So after spending a good chunk of my professional life in a demanding and exhausting career in retail management, I decided to stop letting it run my life and happiness. I started listening to what my heart was telling me and start paying attention to the signs god was giving me. I've always been kind of a spiritual person, but something just suddenly clicked and made a change in me. That's when I knew I had to listen. And Magnolia Thread was born. My true calling of sorts. I've always wanted to bring my talents for dressing and fashion sense to the world. It is my mission to make all women of all shapes and sizes, feel and look their very best in their everyday lives. I always knew that, that was the impact I wanted to make on the world. It's my one god given talent and I am honored to share that gift with you.

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